My Projects

Minimalist chat app using ReactJS, Node.js, and
triViaXZ | Trivia Game Web App
A trivia game web app with MERN Stack that allows a user to answer true or false and multiple-choice questions and login as guest or create an account to save scores.
YourPlaces | Places Image Sharing App
A MERN app to share your places with the world!
Portfolio [Mini CSS Proj. 4]
Practice SASS, Flexbox, Grid, Animation, Transition, Transform.
NewsGrid [Mini CSS Proj. 3]
Practice CSS Grid, Animation, Transition, Transform.
moViEX.UZ | Movies Search Web App
Implemented a MERN Stack for movies (or series, games, etc.) searching app that allows a user to sign in with Google, save favorites, and publish reaction essays.
Legend: - projects I've built from scratch - projects I've built from following tutorials