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MongoDB Express React Node.js Mongoose Passport JWT bcrypt Hooks Context Redux JavaScript Django Python PostgreSQL HTML CSS Bootstrap
VS Code Postman Robo 3T cPanel pgAdmin npm Git GitHub Heroku Firebase PythonAnywhere Adobe Photoshop

My Projects

triViaXZ | Trivia Game Web App
A trivia game web app with MERN Stack that allows a user to answer true or false and multiple-choice questions and login as guest or create an account to save scores.
moViEX.UZ | Movies Search Web App
Implemented a MERN Stack for movies (or series, games, etc.) searching app that allows a user to sign in with Google, save favorites, and publish reaction essays.
A personal portfolio website that utilized Django for backend with MVC pattern and ORM with SQLite database for storing data.
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management using Django 3 as backend.
JuanSci's MIS: Grading System
San Juan City Science High School's Management Information System: Grading System
VB6 Milk Tea Shop Management System
Final project in my college (subject: OOP) using Visual Basic 6.
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Legend: - projects I've built from scratch - projects I've built from following tutorials

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    Most of the courses taken that I found on the internet are free download. So, there are no certificates.     I follow along with the instructors developing something cool in a video tutorial. Some have exercises and projects uploaded into GitHub.